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About Us

The Friends of the North Hollywood Library (FNHL) is a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting the North Hollywood Regional Branch Library, its patrons and staff, and the community, with roots going back to 1989. In 1990, the FNHL became a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization that qualifies as a public charity under IRS Code section 509(a)(2). The FNHL raises funds from tax-deductible donations and book sales, the profits of which go entirely to helping the library accomplish its goal of attracting, informing and educating the community.

We support the library by:
• holding fundraising events such as book sales
• sponsoring and staffing library events
• helping the library provide more books and better service beyond what is possible with their basic funding
• helping to recruit volunteers

We are self supporting, hold meetings governed by bylaws, have elected officers, and do our own financial reporting. Membership is open to anyone interested in helping to enhance library services in the community.

Contact Details

Friends of the North Hollywood Library
5211 Tujunga Avenue*
North Hollywood, CA 91601 US

Message line†: (818) 861-9245
Email†: fnhl@fnhl.org

* Northwest corner of Magnolia & Tujunga, in the park.  For a map, click Links on the menu.

† Please note: We are staffed by volunteers, so please forgive us if it takes some time to return your call or email. We will do so as soon as possible though. Also note that we may respond from a different email address or phone number.

News & Events

Next Book Sale

The NEXT Friends Book Sale is:
Saturday, September 15, 2018
• 9:00AM-9:30AM - Member Preview† (use side entrance)
• 9:30AM-2:00PM - Open to the Public (use the library's main entrance)

BECOME A MEMBER and get advance notice of sale dates and invitations to our "members only" preview sale before it's open to the public! We do advertise, but those advertisements often come out one week before our sales. You could check back here periodically, but that's a lot of work. Why not let us inform you well in advance for such a small membership fee?

Our BOOK SALE SECTION contains additional information including location, parking, etc.

Next Friends Meeting

The NEXT "usually third Saturday of odd months" Friends Meeting will be held:
Saturday, November 13, 2018

See our MEETINGS/OFFICERS SECTION for additional information including location, parking, etc.

Upcoming FNHL Sponsored Events

LAPL Calendar / Movies in the Library - information coming shortly.

Booksales & Fundraising

Friends Bookshelf

FNHL_Friends_Bookcase The Friends maintain a bookshelf of used books in the library, for sale at 25 cents. It's located near the Community Room - ask any librarian to point you in the right direction.


Quarterly Book Sales

•For book sale dates, click "News/Events" on the menu

BECOME A MEMBER and get advance notice of sale dates and invitations to our "members only" preview sale before it's open to the public!

The FNHL aims to hold hold quarterly book sales. However the actual number of sales per year is affected by the level of donations.

Our sales are usually comprised of about 60% hardcover books and 40% softcover/paperback books. Lately we have been receiving ever larger numbers of music CDs, book-on-tape CDs, movies and TV shows/sets on DVD. We even still receive and sell videocassette movies for those who still have the ability to watch them (and some have never been releasted on DVD or streaming). We also have some comic books, and a small assortment of electronic game disks.

Our basic categories of books include Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Cookbooks, Arts & Crafts, a small selection of foreign language, coffee table, and various "specially priced" books.

Hardback books are often sorted into fiction and non fiction categories. Softback books are not sorted, though books that belong in the alternative categories listed above (except fiction/non-fiction) may be placed in those respective sections.

Almost all of the items for sale are donated. There are very few ex libris (withdrawn library) books.

Book Sale Location, Parking, and Member Previews
Book sales are held in the library's Community Room. The entrance is through the library. Member Previews are held before the library opens, so those attending the preview must use the alternate Community Room entrance on the side of the library that adjoins the parking lot. It is possible to join and become a member (or renew membership) to gain access to the preview sale. After the library opens, the sale will be open to the public, and access to the Community Room will be through the library's main entrance. At that time the side entrance will be closed.

The North Hollywood Library has a small parking lot. There is some metered street parking along Tujunga Avenue. There is some additional parking across the street from the library, but because our book sales are on Saturdays, we shared the day with the NoHo Farmer's Market so parking can be a challenge. Arriving early helps. We're also about two long blocks away from the North Hollywood Metro Red Line subway/Orange Line stations.

For the library's address, see About/Contact
For a map, go to Links at the bottom of this page and click on the map icon.


Monetary Donations

Monetary donations made to the FNHL are tax deductible as we operate under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code (check with your tax advisor) (for specifics, click "About" on the menu). Since the FNHL is staffed entirely by volunteers and the group has very few expenses, your entire donation will be used to support the outstanding North Hollywood Regional Branch Library and the community it serves. You may make a check out to "FNHL" or "Friends of the North Hollywood Library" and mail it to our attention at the library's address (click About/Contact from the menu), or drop it off at one of our meetings, book sales, or with the librarians at the circulation desk.

Thanks to some significant contributions over the years, we've been able to provide many benefits and enhancements for the library, its patrons, and the community.

Book and Media Donations

The library is very fortunate to have a generous and giving community who wish to donate books from their own collection. Donations of books and media (DVD's, CD's, books on tape/CD, etc.) can be made at any time by bringing the item(s) to the library during normal operating hours. Bring your items to the circulation desk directly inside the library and the librarians will assist you. If you have more than a bag or small box of donations, ask the librarians how to proceed (they may open up the side entrance, for instance). A tax deductible receipt can be provided upon request for saleable items (see below). Some items may not be accepted so please review the following guidelines.

There are some common sense guidelines we follow when accepting donations:

The items must be saleable - in other words, have a reasonable expectation of being sold. For instance, if we must recycle or discard items in poor condition, we cannot give a tax deductible receipt.
Some examples of items NOT acceptable are:
    · Moldy, water/moisture damaged, or dirty items
    · Dusty items (please dust off the items before donating them)
    · Those infested with insects or worms, or evidence of same (silverfish, cockroaches, worms, etc.)
    · Excessively marked up items (underlines/circles, highlighting, crayon markings, etc.)
    · Most magazines, unless in good condition with reasonable resale value
    · DVD's/CD's with a significantly scratched surface
    · Audiocassette tapes
    · Long Obsolete Computer/Software Manuals
    · Encyclopedias †
    · Textbooks †

    † We can refer you to dealers who specialize in these items.

If you have a large collection, please contact us to coordinate a drop-off time.
•If you have potentially antique grade items, please contact us first.


Become an FNHL Member!

•Get on our mailing list for early notification of book sales!
•Attend member-only book sale previews!
•Support your library and community in the process!

The FNHL offers three levels of membership. The rate shown is per person. Dues are tax deductible (check with your tax advisor).
    •Supporting Member, $25/yr
    •Family Membership, $15/yr (same address/single mailing)
    •Regular Member, $10/yr
    •Senior Member, $5/yr
    •Student Member, $5/yr

FNHL Membership Form (PDF Format) Please download and print our membership application form, fill it out and mail it with a check to the address shown on the form. Or, you may drop it off at the library, but please seal the application and check in an envelope with "FNHL" written on it, for the convenience of library staff.

At this time we are unable to accept credit/debit cards or online payments such as PayPal.

Applications received in October-December will be given credit for the following calendar year
• Your privacy is important to us. We will not release your personal information to outside parties

membership Section End-->


Friends Group Meetings

The Friends generally meet every third Saturday of odd months (January, March, etc.), from 10AM to Noon in the North Hollywood Library's Community Room or Staff Break Room (ask any librarian to direct you if you have difficulty locating us). Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend our amiable group in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

The meetings are always interesting. One can learn a lot about the area and community, not to mention learning about how the library and City works. A lot of library and community news is passed along at our meetings, and you're guaranteed to meet some really interesting and amazing people. So come and learn what we're up to, and feel free to contribute your ideas about how we can help the library, and by extension, the community. We think once you've met our friendly group (after all, that's what we're named for), you'll be tempted to join or at least volunteer!


FNHL Officers are elected at our Annual Meeting, which is the first meeting following the start of the FNHL fiscal year (September), or as necessary if an officer resigns or is otherwise unable to continue. Please come and support our volunteer officers at the annual meeting. And feel free to run for a position on the FNHL Board - we enjoy competition!

Current FNHL Officers (2017-2018 Fiscal Year)
President Raul Garza
Vice-President TBD
Secretary TBD
Treasurer Paula Riggin
Booksale Chairperson   Barbara Abramovitch


Volunteer Opportunities

The FNHL needs volunteers to help at our periodic book sales in the following categories:
Prior-day Sale Setup: Mostly hauling books, and some light sorting (Friday, usually 12PM-3PM)
Book Sale Monitor/Cashier: Watching the sale area, assisting customers, checkout/cashiering, condensing and neatening rows of books (Saturday, 8:15AM-2:00PM, or any portion thereof)
Book Sale Takedown: Removing and storing unsold books (Saturday afternoon at closing, about 1.5 hours)

We also provide assistance to the library for programs they put on, some of which we sponsor and many for which we provide refreshments (day or evening).

To become a volunteer, please email us or leave us a voicemail message with your contact number, availability and preferences. You can always volunteer for part of a day such as doing checkout for a couple of hours in the morning, or helping us take down at the end of a book sale. You do need to be registered with the library first for insurance purposes - there is some minor paperwork involved. We can also accept teen volunteers who need community service credit. Please contact us for details or any questions you may have.